Hello my dear friends! I cannot express how much I have longed to share this new post with you.

So much has happened since writing We’re Almost Debt-Free, just over a month ago.  In all honesty, I envisioned by now that our outstanding debt would be paid and that we would have screamed before the world, “We’re Debt Free!”

But God. Had. Other. Plans.

The good news is that His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us a hope and a future. That is a promise from His Word found in Jeremiah 29:11! As a child of God and His promises, it has helped me to re-frame all of these events and has given me hope that there is more at work than what I see and beyond what I want.

While I can’t give the full list of events that have occurred–some good and some not–here are a few highlights:

  • my car almost stopped in the middle of I-485, while driving it (that was bad, real bad)
  • was pretty much told that I have to replace my car; she’s been a solid friend for over 262,000 miles! (sad, real sad)
  • went shopping for a reliable, used car (we agreed on our budget and are paying cash. good, real good!)
  • the one car I selected, the dealership didn’t want to negotiate on price  (Aurgh, but no problem, we walked away)
  • our other car left us stranded in uptown one night (thank God for great friends!)
  • had to secure a rental for a few days as 2 cars were on the blink (that expense was not in the budget!)
  • my hubby had severe abdominal pains which sent us to the Emergency Room early Tuesday morning (All is well now, God is a healer!)
  • a new job was extended to me (Great, ecstatic, thank you God!) 
  • negotiating the terms for the new job – (were not fun, but we made it happen and I start my new role this month!!)

 Dealing with Detours

While some of the above events caught us by surprise, I am still convinced that we will complete our debt-free journey and that these detours are proof positive that God never fails. Even in the midst of new priorities, He will show himself strong and powerful on our behalf!

God can use detours to mature our faith, to strengthen our resolve and to give us larger and often new platforms to share our story. That’s what it has been like for us. I have also had to put aside my massive checklist (I am the task master) and listen for new instructions.

He has been developing in us a faith that is not shaken by emotions and conflict. It’s easy to come undone by the slightest inconvenience which causes us to make quick, and sometimes poor decisions, yet I admit that I have a peace that will not allow me to become discouraged. I have an expectation that God will work-out these things for our good, that other people will see and hear and also be encouraged.

Not Willing to Compromise

As we have dealt with the need to purchase another car, I am  surprised (annoyed) by people advising me to finance what they want me to have. I want to yell,

“Excuse ME! Have you read anything that I have written in the past year?!?

What I really want, is to be debt-free!”  

I am not willing to go running back into payments (i.e., Egypt). We are crossing through this Red Sea to get to the other side.

We have prayed together, sought counsel and are awaiting good results. Yep, it’s going to be worth it!

Period. End of story.

So What About the Debt?

During August, we successfully paid off another debt in the amount of $3000! It was a great feeling and based on our calculations (which sometimes mean nothing)  the ride is all downhill from here. The remaining balances are small in comparison to where we started and I know that if we stay on God’s timing, we will finish right on time.

Are you facing financial or other life detours right now? What are you doing to stay motivated?

God’s Abundance and Blessings,