Happy Friday people! I have to tell you that today I have a lot of [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]GRATITUDE[/texthighlight]  and here is why:

It’s March and the weather for the past 3 days has been unseasonably warm—the 70s & 80s in the Southeast. [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]I’m grateful for that.[/texthighlight]

personal finances, joy

REALLY: I have been under the weather (what does that really mean?) with lots of congestion and fatigue. Normally with weather like this, I would have had several dates with my sneakers, Pandora on my iPhone and a few good miles of running.

This morning our home was as it was when we bought it. [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]I’m grateful for that[/texthighlight] .

personal finance, joy, nice house

REALLY: The morning news reported that parts of Michigan experienced tornados last night which left several homes destroyed. My heart ached for those families as I watched the news.

My daughter left for school this morning totally prepared to nail her spelling test, wearing a cute Gamecocks t-shirt and blowing me kisses as her dad walked her to the bus stop. [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]I’m grateful for that.[/texthighlight]

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REALLY: Minutes earlier she went into a tear-filled rage because I wouldn’t let her tie a knot in the back of her t-shirt (the way she sees older girls wearing theirs to get a more snug fit). I explained to her that clothes don’t make a person. Integrity, a positive attitude, and hard work will take you very far in life—not a t-shirt. For a 5-year old, she took it pretty well.

I have a great job with a global banking leader and our team works from home on Fridays. [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]I’m so grateful for that.[/texthighlight]

REALLY: In March 2011, I was in a job wrought with petty minded people, low morale, and a feeling of will-things-ever-turn-around-for-me. They did.

My hubby made a great lunch for the two of us today. We had great conversation this morning about our plans for this weekend and the future. [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]I’m grateful for that.[/texthighlight]

REALLY: A few years ago we wondered if our marriage was worth fighting for. It was.

My dad and I had a great conversation today! He’s crabby but funny. I gave him some advice that I hope he takes and he was so glad to hear from me. It made me feel good. [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]I’m grateful for that.[/texthighlight]

REALLY: He lives alone with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis, his health is debilitating and he feels like his family has abandoned him. But God keeps blessing him.

What does this have to do with money? Well if we take a moment to express [texthighlight color=”green-vibrant” ]GRATITUDE[/texthighlight]  [be appreciative of benefits received] for what we do have, things will get better because they always do.

Make it the BEST weekend ever!


photo credit: gcoldironjr2003 via photopin cc