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Are you living your dreams?

Today's post is simple, Pursue your Dreams! The thought is simple but applying it is the challenge. There are constant demands for our time and attention which make it difficult to chase after our dreams. Here is how I have started my transformation. 1. If it doesn't...

We Purchased our Car with Cash

Let me apologize in advance because this may be a looooong post but I promise, it's worth it! If you remember, I recently wrote We're Almost Debt-Free: Part 2, and shared that my car was on its last leg, tire and everything else. I was not excited about this--getting...

Credit Cards – It’s Complicated

I recently had lunch with a friend and we were catching up on the usual—work, family, our dreams and goals. She begin to share how they were struggling with budgeting and paying off their debt. My friend, “I think we are going to cancel all of our credit cards. We...

We’re Almost Debt-Free: Part 2

Hello my dear friends! I cannot express how much I have longed to share this new post with you. So much has happened since writing We're Almost Debt-Free, just over a month ago.  In all honesty, I envisioned by now that our outstanding debt would be paid and that we...

September is here! Are you ready?

It's Labor Day Monday and it's the first of September! Wherever you are, I hope that you are safe and enjoying a well-deserved day off from work! If you're like me, you probably have a checklist of things to do today. Hmmm, does your checklist include completing a...

Use Mobile Banking To Help You Budget

Modern technology has changed the way we live! Smart phones should make us smarter. Corny, but I say it all the time.  I appreciate having a device, that fits in my hand, that can access information on just about any topic. This is why I rely heavily on my iphone and...


Americans who have less than $10,000 in retirement


Average annual income spent on food and gas


Americans who don't have $500 or more in savings


Students with loans 90+ days past due

“Any time you stop producing and focus only on consuming, you have nothing to be proud of, other than what you consume…if you don’t produce and wait on someone to hire you, and give you a vision,  you may not get there…

TD Jakes

“I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that financial literacy, economic empowerment, and wealth building is going to be the last leg of the civil rights movement. Because one step toward financial literacy takes you two steps toward personal empowerment.”

Russell Simons

“One thing that’s true is that whether you are making a financial investment or an investment of the heart, you usually get what you give. What’s also true is that investing the wrong assets into the wrong places is a great way to end up broke (or broken).”

Dr. Boyce Watkins