No matter who you are fear is a real emotion that can cripple you, your life and your dreams. I know that God acknowledges the perception of fear and it’s power because it is rebuked much in The Bible. God’s best and brightest children dealt with fear—Moses, Joshua, several Israelite kings, including David—yet constantly God gave His words and commandments—Fear not…Don’t be afraid or discouraged…Be strong and courageous.

God has total faith in His Word. He knows that His Word cannot fail. He knows that He will never lie. So if His Word is operating in my life then neither can I fail.

All He needs is the opportunity to display the power of His Word–it  always works!

Lately I have been feeling my own self-induced anxiety as we continue the good fight of financial faith. My mind has been running with thoughts…Will we ever finish this race, when will we pay off our debt, when will our dreams become reality, when God when? He owes me no response (please see Job 38) and I know that worrying about it will not add one inch to my stature but finally this weekend, I had a breakthrough. Our ministry team completed Financial Peace University this Saturday and the last lesson entitled, “The Great Misunderstanding – Unleashing the Power of Generous Giving” gave me my answer.

In this lesson, Dave Ramsey tackles the responsibility that we as Christians have to first be tithers and secondly, generous givers. While I have always been a tither and a giver, I admit that my commitment to tithing changed from gross to net when we hit our toughest seasons during the Great Recession—and yet as God has restored us, my approach remained the same.

But something clicked this weekend.

Something said that I could do better.  Regardless of the net or gross, it ALL BELONGS to God and that was the answer that I needed for my recent anxiety. It ALL BELONGS to God and I should act like it.

If the debt is paid this year, It Belongs to God. If the debt is paid next year, It BELONGS to God.

If the dreams happen by 45, it Belongs to God. If they happen at 75, it Belongs to God.

Can I trust His Word that He is so careful to perform? Yes, I can.

I tithed gross Sunday morning as a sign to the enemy that his implications, his subtleties, his roars, and his darts won’t bother me anymore. It All Belongs to God.

Be strong and mighty for Our Savior, It All Belongs to God.