Hope your mind is not in the gutter! Around here Friday nights are family night and like anything it can be expensive or on the cheap. After analyzing our spending month after month it became apparent that the weekends—and especially Friday nights—we simply lost our focus.

Can you blame the modern family though?

After working all week, commuting, homework, making breakfast & dinner, packing snacks and lunch and all of the other 1000 things we do to maintain ourselves and the ones we love, Friday nights require a BREAK…a time-out….a reprieve. WU-SAAH.

And for me, that meant get out of this house, take me somewhere nice to eat (ok, it didn’t even have to be nice, just away from here) and let me feel a new normal. Somehow that well-intended time usually resulted in a blown budget in a few short hours. A simple dinner for 3 became $25-$55 dollars. A stroll around the mall inevitably meant new shoes or cute little girls clothes that had to follow us home and eventually a tantrum from a tired 5-year who had to have just one more thing from the Disney store because-I-don’t-already-have-10-like-it-at-home. WU-SAAH.

TIME FOR AN INTERVENTION: Friday nights are now Family Night @ Home! The pizza guy doesn’t ring our doorbell…we purchase the frozen pizza dough from Trader Joes for $1.99 a bag and build our own pizzas. The Kee loves this! No movies to pick-up or return in 1 day…we killed the expensive cable package and ordered Netflix for $8.55/month. It plays through AppleTV, a gift to the hubby for Father’s Day. Now we have access to movies all the time and can watch them on our own schedule. Kee always picks the movie—usually a princess themed something or other, Cheetah girls, or a G-rated funny flick.

I don’t mind though and she loves the quality time with mom and dad. I love it too because it won’t be long before she thinks Friday nights with mom and dad is not cool.

A cheap night with no regrets the next day. What do you have planned tonight?