I love learning about money! I enjoy listening to podcasts because I can hear from different subject matter experts in an easy and convenient format.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new on your financial journey or a financial rockstar, podcasts offer something for everyone. To hopefully save you some time, I wanted to share my favorites which I subscribe to and whose advice I trust.

Regardless of your stage in life, I’m sure at least one of these shows will appeal to you.

The more you learn, the more you earn and the farther you will go!

Links to each show are included with the title and you can easily listen from your smartphone or desktop. Enjoy!

4 Podcasts about Money I Strongly Recommend


Her Money with Jean Chatzky

This is my favorite because Jean is down to earth and genuinely cares about helping women take initiative to improve their financial lives (I share her passion!). Her show is to the point and includes a variety of guests to cover money and women, life changes and consumer behaviors. Her podcast is funded by Fidelity which she mentions but it’s clear all the opinions are her own. She provides candid and great advice to listener’s questions.

Recent episodes that I highly recommend:

  • Episode 84: Race, Resilience and Money with Stacey Tisdale
  • Episode 81: Life, Loss and Getting Back on Track with Dr. Nancy

If you are not already a fan, subscribe today!


Money for the Rest of Us by J. David Stein

I recently came across this podcast and it’s a great blend between economics and personal finance, which are interrelated. I find a lot of David’s topics interesting. He reminds me of a college professor with great facts and research yet combines it with a lot of life experience.

In October, there were two amazing episodes you should listen to or at least save for a future date.

Please check-out:

  • Episode 176: Are 60 Percent of Americans Insolvent?
  • Episode 177: How Business Contributes to Income Inequality


The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave’s no-nonsense approach to debt, savings and the 9 Baby Steps are perfectly captured in his podcast which is a bite-size replay of his daily 3-hour show. The podcast breaks the show down into 40-minute episodes. I have helped launch Dave’s popular course, Financial Peace University, at my church for the past several years.

The class changes lives and the podcast is a great tool for anyone looking for a systematic way to manage money.

Listening to the podcast, you will be inspired and motivated as callers call in to give the infamous DEBT-FREE SCREAM.

As I listen to the calls, I am blown away by the large amounts of debt some people pay off in very short periods of time all because they fully dedicate themselves to the process.

LISTEN to this podcast but warning, don’t call into the show if you’re not ready for some hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners advice. That’s just Dave.

I don’t have any specific favorite episodes because the approach for each show is very consistent. Dave’s message is strong and you can’t go wrong with any of the episodes.


Planet Money by NPR

I am a NPR News junkie so it’s no surprise I like this podcast. I find Planet Money to be informative and they cover domestic and international stories including the finances behind politics, health care, technology and much more.

The show’s taglineĀ  is “The Economy Explained” and it’s true–they cover economics in a fun and upbeat way.

The show is usually 20 minutes long and it’s to the point and engaging. They do a great job of taking hot and sometimes intimidating topics and make them interesting and relatable. According to the show’s website, they have been around since 2010, which is a long time–it’s pretty clear they know what they are doing.

I tend to bounce around their playlist a lot because they cover so many interesting topics. Based on your interests, I’m sure you can find something that’s helpful.

Well there you have it, my favorite, top and highly recommended podcasts about money.

Do you listen to podcasts to help you learn? If so, share your favorites so that others can benefit as well!