It’s hard to believe that March is over and that April is here! I love April. For one, it’s my birthday month and secondly it’s my birthday month.

Seriously, this April is huge because we accomplished a major goal. Back in January, I sensed that this year had to be different. No resolutions but real actions that show the power of God.

Leave it all on the field. Get it done or die trying.

I grabbed a blank poster and wrote the following:

Our Qtr 1 Goal



To God be the Glory, we reached the goal!¬†We paid off nearly $17,000 in debt in 3 months. It was not easy but worth it. It was a long and short walk both at the same time. I wanted to buy things and plan a vacation–Lawd knows we need one–but this goal had to be completed or I knew that we would regret any alternatives.

Lessons learned that I will apply going forward:

1. Write your vision and make it plain. (I did not come up with that!) That poster really meant something. It was a hope plucked from millions of daily thoughts and it was given clarity and focus. Never again underestimate the power of writing down an idea or a hope so that you do not forget its’ significance.

2. Check in with your progress. Because this goal was important to me, I checked in with it regularly. That meant going into our budget and making updates as needed. Let me give you and I permission to adjust our budget as life happens. However, we cannot have permission to abandon ship or duck our heads in the sand once we notice ourselves getting off track. For those 3 months, we did not do everything like our budget indicated but we quickly got back on track as needed. In fact, my mantra became “STAY-ON-THE-PATH!”

3. Focus on what is ahead of you and not the present! Every person, whether a believer or not, must know that the future is better than the present or even better than the past. We just celebrated Resurrection Sunday. What could be worse than the shame, the suffering and the rejection Jesus faced on the cross? I’ve had dark days but not days like that! Still Christ believed in a better day, His Resurrection from death to life. In like manner we must focus on the joy and the satisfaction from knowing that a little suffering reaps a great reward. Stay on the path and be willing to sacrifice today what seems like much while believing that what lies ahead is much more.

Glad to be on His winning team,