Wow! Yesterday’s blog post marked Common Cents Today’s 50th Blog Post!

This is cause to celebrate because sharing financial literacy and empowering people, especially women, to live better financial lives is a dream of mine.

It’s a dream!

I am passionate about it.

I work on this passion after work, early in the morning and on the weekends.

I am grateful and humbled every time that I am asked to speak at an event or to meet with someone and encourage them or to give advice.

I have no doubt that God has purposed this gift so that others will know more of Him and walk out the abundant life that He gives.

Our cups (our lives, gifts, abilities, talents, strengths) should run over because God’s goodness and love follow us everyday. And when our best runs over, it should flow (consistently move) and bless those around us.

God overflows

To God Be The Glory.