I am very excited about participating in Women’s Money Week 2012! It’s great to have found a community of she-ros who are serious about their cheddar. Today’s topic, Budgeting, will be featured on several blogs that are participating in this challege. I have chosen to focus on 3 reasons I budget. Enjoy!

Reason 1: Budgeting my money puts me in CONTROL of it.
Money seems to have a mind of it’s own and leaving is usually on its mind. This is one of the main reasons to budget. You have to proactively stand in front of your income as it comes through the door and then you must tell it what to do. If not, you will spend your time wondering where it went. My best months are when I take the time before the month begins and plan as much of the monthly spending as possible. This includes all of the bills, the food, gas, blow money, savings, everything! Doing this forces you to face what you can afford and what you cannot.

Reason 2: Budgeting gives me a sense of PEACE.
I must admit that I love the “everyone was paid” feeling when I budget for the month. Somehow peace begets gratitude. Gratitude quiets the voice in my head that says that more stuff is what I need. Budgeting creates balance…you can’t save and spend. You can’t owe and not pay. That is imbalance and yet so many people live that way all of their lives.

Reason 3: I am a SMARTER consumer when I budget.
OMG I wish I could tell you how true this is! Budgeting allows me to become a Savvy-Money-Saving-Ninja! Even when money is allocated for a specific category, I want to save as much of it as possible. Case in Point: We have been out of dishwasher detergent for the past few days. I simply refused to replace it until I could find a coupon and use it on a double coupon day. (this is serious people). The hub (our home’s main dishwasher) couldn’t wait any longer so I found a $1.00 off coupon for Cascade and headed to the store. There it was–Cascade ActionPaks for $5.79, on sale for $3.99! With a $1.00 off, that was a total cost of $2.99, a 48% savings! Oh yeah! A.Smarter.Consumer.

So if you have been casually handling your money month after month, take CONTROL, have PEACE and become SMARTER today by creating a BUDGET that helps you win financially!

How does your budget put you in control of your dollars?

Women's Money Week 2012 Participant

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net