Growing With Your Money

Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest First?

I've heard many philosophies about which to do first…pay off all debts and then go gang busters with investing, or take a tag-team approach and do both at the same time. Here is the thing, any plan will work if you work it. While all financial advice is well meaning,...

4 Podcasts about Money You Have to Hear

I love learning about money! I enjoy listening to podcasts because I can hear from different subject matter experts in an easy and convenient format. It doesn't matter if you're new on your financial journey or a financial rockstar, podcasts offer something for...

5 Things I Did Differently to Get Out of Debt

In my financial journey, I have learned that my choices control my results. It matters what you think and what you do. Here are 5 things I had to do differently to get out of debt. #1 - I believed I could do hard things I’ll never forget the day I made my last student...

4 Lies We Believe About Credit Cards

Credit card debt can be the hardest to overcome. Most people (I was once guilty too) use credit to maintain a lifestyle they can’t afford. Let’s talk about thoughts and habits which keep us in a lifetime of credit card debt.    I Have Credit Cards - I Must Have...

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I am Alisa Bellamy and this is my personal finance blog. I love to empower, inspire, and educate women to improve their finances. I am so glad you stopped by!

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