Today’s post is simple, Pursue your Dreams!

The thought is simple but applying it is the challenge. There are constant demands for our time and attention which make it difficult to chase after our dreams.

Here is how I have started my transformation.

1. If it doesn’t work, stop doing it.
This sounds easy but it’s actually hard. Why?! Because change is hard, even progress change. We are creatures of habit even if the habit hinders us.

2. Spend time with your thoughts daily.
Quieting your life can be hard in our 24/7 connected world. I insist on morning prayer and the study of God’s Word. This is the only time of day that the house is perfectly quiet and I can get clear about the truth and what really matters.

3. Believe, believe, believe.
No more allowing doubt and fear to steal your dreams. If you talked yourself into all the great ideas that you talk yourself out of, I’m sure you would be a millionaire by now.

Dream big and walk in the purpose God created you for!

You can do it!