Saving money nowI love the idea of taking responsibility for my finances– that’s what building your personal economy is all about. Just as the government establishes policies and requirements for growth and sustainability, you and I have to make the same decisions for our growth and sustainability.

Saving money must be a part of your personal economy.

If you only earn and spend and never save or grow, financial stability will always elude you.

Whether you are establishing short or long-term goals, use the list below to develop techniques that will help create a saver’s lifestyle.


 26 Ways to Save More of Your Money

Food and Groceries

  • Plan your meals weekly (Use my Meal Planner if needed) – 4 full meals, 2 days for leftovers, 1 day for a scavenger meal
  • Don’t go grocery shopping hungry or without a list or without your planned meals
  • Prepare 2 meatless days each week
  • Store 3 bags of dried beans in the pantry at all times–cheap and crock pot friendly!
  • Shop smaller stores and farmer’s markets for alternatives to chain stores–think Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s
  • Make coffee and favorite teas at home
  • Make ice cream at home using fresh or frozen fruit in your food processor or blender and add toppings as needed. Much healthier and saves lots of money!
  • Don’t purchase processed foods – they tend to be the most expensive and are usually high in salt and sugar

 Cash is Queen

  • Use cash (a game changer, I promise! ) for gas, grocery shopping and eating outimage

Shopping & Salon Visits

  • Visit cosmetology schools for services such as nail and hair services
  • Shop consignment for clothes: I l-o-v-e a nice consignment store
  • Pull out your current wardrobe before shopping – only buy fill-in pieces based on necessity
  • Purge your closets, attics and the garage at least 2x a year – this will help you see what you already have which hopefully slows the spending frenzy
  • Buy cleaning products and personal products from smaller chains like Dollar General versus big box stores – the savings are tremendous!
  • Use vinegar and water as a window cleaner
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce big box shopping – the temptation is just to great!
  • Consider group gifts for birthdays, baby showers, holidays, etc.
  • Visit for specials in your area

Auto Expenses

  • Set a gas allowance and stick to it – hearing the magic clicks at the pump should not dictate your budget
  • Carpool or use public transportation for your work commute – this saves gas and parking fees
  • Consider changing your auto and homeowner’s insurance policy or carrier every 2 to 3 years – shop around for rates to ensure that you are getting the best deal


  • Call your bank or creditor regarding fees on your account – Always kindly ask for refunds
  • Reduce cell phone plans as needed, but never pay overages, cut cable and cancel the landline
  • Drop gym memberships – add walking, running and simple weights at home to your regimen
  • Barter with family or friends for babysitting services, a clothes exchange and other services



  • Go on a quarterly spending diet – no retail shopping while you get things in financial order. Read about my 12-month fast here!


On average, we save anywhere between $700 to $1200 a month by using some of the tips above! Having experienced financial loss before, I constantly remember wishing that we had saved more along the way.

No more time for wishing, take action and make it happen! I know you can do it so get started today.