Raising kids isn’t easy. WORTH it, but not easy.

But raising financially savvy kids is probably easier than we think.

During a recent trip to Target, I purchased 3 boxes of Valentine’s Day cards for my daughter’s class. Each box contained 16 cards which was more than enough to cover the 22 kids in her class.

One box was for the boys-you can’t go wrong with American Heroes. Score. The 2nd box was for the girls–cute Hello Kitty cards with a matching notebook.

The 3rd box, also for the girls, was for the chic fashion designers–an opportunity to dress the doll on your card using the cute stickers included.

Total cost, $9 before taxes.

Feeling confident that I had secured an award for my selection of boy cards, I thought I would leave it to her to choose which box she wanted to share with the girls.

Fast forward to my conversation with her regarding which cards she wanted to share with her friends. First, she studied each box carefully weighing the pros and cons of each. After careful consideration, she said, “Mommy, it’s impossible to choose and I need both boxes so that I can share them with more than the girls in my classroom.”

Hmmm, that’s sweet but it’s also expensive so I decided to make it a teachable moment. “K,” I said, “Daddy and I provided you with two great options for your class and if you you would like to keep the 3rd box, then you will have to pay for them.”

First, a look of confusion.

Then, the typical push-back and complaining, i.e. whining. Then, the final decision.

“That’s okay mommy, I don’t need them. You can return them to the store.”

Wow! A big moment! It’s funny how with my money, the cards were a need. With her money they were a want that she could live without. She’s six. They get it people, they get it.

Go forth in love!