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5 Things I Did Differently to Get Out of Debt

In my financial journey, I have learned that my choices control my results. It matters what you think and what you do. Here are 5 things I had to do differently to get out of debt.   #1 - I believed I could do hard things I’ll never forget the day I made my last...

4 Lies We Believe About Credit Cards

Credit card debt can be the hardest to overcome. Most people (I was once guilty too) use credit to maintain a lifestyle they can’t afford. Let’s talk about thoughts and habits which keep us in a lifetime of credit card debt.    I Have Credit Cards - I Must Have...

3 Things I Know For Sure About Marriage & Money

This August, my hubby and I celebrated 18 years of marriage! I remember our early years and they were tough for all of the typical reasons--new schedules, surviving the holidays without offending the families, mismanaged expectations, and MONEY. We had different...

Are you Behind on Your Bills?

Being behind on bills is tough. It's also frustrating, annoying and can make you feel hopeless. But instead of worrying, put a plan in place to get back in control and to make the situation less overwhelming. Once you have a plan, start taking small steps, one at a...

Why I Love Budget Billing

Budget billing has drastically helped us live on a budget. So if you're wondering what budget billing is, let's talk about it! It is equal and fixed payments each month for household expenses like electricity, gas and/or water services.  Why is This Important? Well,...


Americans who have less than $10,000 in retirement


Average annual income spent on food and gas


Americans who don't have $500 or more in savings


Students with loans 90+ days past due

“Any time you stop producing and focus only on consuming, you have nothing to be proud of, other than what you consume…if you don’t produce and wait on someone to hire you, and give you a vision,  you may not get there…

TD Jakes

“I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that financial literacy, economic empowerment, and wealth building is going to be the last leg of the civil rights movement. Because one step toward financial literacy takes you two steps toward personal empowerment.”

Russell Simons

“One thing that’s true is that whether you are making a financial investment or an investment of the heart, you usually get what you give. What’s also true is that investing the wrong assets into the wrong places is a great way to end up broke (or broken).”

Dr. Boyce Watkins

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