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3 Easy Ways to Start your Emergency Fund
Life happens Over the last few weeks, much of the southeast has felt the direct hit or impacts of Hurricane[...]
Are you living your dreams?
Today's post is simple, Pursue your Dreams! The thought is simple but applying it is the challenge. There are constant[...]
We Purchased our Car with Cash
Let me apologize in advance because this may be a looooong post but I promise, it's worth it! If you[...]
Credit Cards – It’s Complicated
I recently had lunch with a friend and we were catching up on the usual—work, family, our dreams and goals.[...]
We’re Almost Debt-Free: Part 2
Hello my dear friends! I cannot express how much I have longed to share this new post with you. So[...]
September is here! Are you ready?
It's Labor Day Monday and it's the first of September! Wherever you are, I hope that you are safe and enjoying[...]

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